Friday, July 23, 2010

Mt. Roundtop

Hiked to the peak of Roundtop Mountain in the Eldorado National Forest on Friday, July 23.  The trailhead parking lot has a small volunteer built and staffed visitor's center. We had excellent weather.  A bit of snow remained around th mountain, but did not obscure the trail.  The elevation gain seems minimal as you approach the mountain.  The trail was easy to follow until you get make the diversion to the peak.  There is not an official trail to the top, but by climbing up the saddle between the Two Sisters, we did find a route.  At the top you need to use both hands to scramble up the rock. 

Wildflowers with Roundtop in the background. 

Water: Carried two liters of water.  Refilled one liter after coming down the mountain in stream.  

Time: 4.5 hours up and back.

A view from Winnemucca Lake.
Climbing to the peak
Near the "false peak."

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