Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sutter Buttes Summit Ascent

I climbed the Sutter Buttes - North Butte summit on Sunday, November 21.  This can only be done as a guided hike from the Middle Mountain Foundation.

Their description was as follows. 

One of our most challenging treks, this route is a steep, 1,000-foot push straight up North Butte; off trail with no  easy switchbacks. Only register for this hike if you are in very good physical shape and don’t suffer from vertigo. Bring food and water. Limit is 15.

I didn't find this too challenging, we climbed the summit in about a half hour, but it took 90 minutes from the start of the hike to get there.   Our guide stopped every few hundred feet to speak out the natural history of the place.  Once we got to the top were were warned of the danger of climbing the craggy rock that represents the top.  I was a little disappointed.  however, the view was spectacular.

A model of the mountain in the Yuba City museum seems a bit exaggerated.

The peak seems less intimidating from a distance. 
On the climb up. The South Buttes are seen in the background.
Becuase they have radio, TV and cell towers,public access is prohibited. 
Looking down on the valley that is now state park land.